MIAP - Medical Internet Analysis Platform

MIAP – Medical Image Analysis Platform meets the demand of quantitative analysis of medical images. Although the premise developed to histopathological image analysis, however, its use also apply to the other modalities, specially the results of other imaging medical research saved in digital form.

While the primary users of the platform are pathologists, for which have been prepared functionality for forwarding the results of imaging tests, perform them quantitative analysis in selected reactions and diseases, there is no reason why they would not have to use it other specialists. Platform users also provided the opportunity for mutual consultation and sharing the results of such research and the results of analysis performed by them.

Platform is also specially dedicated to students of medical sciences and engineering. While the former have the opportunity to meet many cases of histopathology, the students of technical sciences gain additional, unique opportunity to design their own algorithms to analyse medical images on the platform using a familiar tool.

Join us and take a step towards innovation.

prof. Tomasz Markiewicz Ph. D. Eng, project manager

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2019-03-28 10:31

Project no. PBS2/A9/21/2013